Elsie Frankfurt’s Patented Maternity Skirt

The invention of the adjustable skirt for pregnant women by Elsie Frankfurt and her sister Edna was a revolutionary development in the world of maternity fashion. Prior to this invention, pregnant women were often forced to wear ill-fitting, unfashionable clothing that did not accommodate their changing bodies. The adjustable skirt, on the other hand, was designed to be both comfortable and stylish, and it quickly became the most popular and sought-after maternity garment on the market.

The Frankfurt sisters’ adjustable skirt was an innovative design that featured a series of buttons and snaps on the waistband, which allowed it to be easily adjusted as the wearer’s belly grew. This meant that pregnant women could continue to wear the same skirt throughout their pregnancy, rather than having to constantly purchase new clothing as their bodies changed. The adjustable skirt was also designed to be flattering and fashionable, with a variety of styles and colors available to suit the tastes of different women.

In addition to designing and manufacturing the adjustable skirt, Elsie Frankfurt and her sisters also focused on marketing and promoting their new company’s products. They became well-known figures in the fashion industry, and their maternity clothing was soon being sold coast to coast. The Frankfurt sisters’ commitment to creating fashionable, comfortable maternity clothing helped to break down the stigma surrounding pregnancy and maternal fashion, and they were credited with helping to make pregnancy a more fashionable and accepted part of modern life.

Overall, the invention of the adjustable skirt by Elsie Frankfurt and her sister Edna was a major milestone in the world of maternity fashion. It allowed pregnant women to feel comfortable and stylish throughout their pregnancy, and it helped to change societal attitudes towards pregnancy and maternal fashion. The Frankfurt sisters’ success in this field serves as an inspiration to all women who are looking to make their mark in the world of business and fashion.



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